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Acquisition unit

During use transient recording type fault indicator acquisition unit ,the operating parameters can be issued by the terminal according to various needs of the occasion, you can also set the fault indicator working parameters online . When the line current is smaller , it is not enough to take-up fault indicator's power to maintain the normal working power consumption, the fault indicator will automatically switch to the low-power networking mode. The fault indicator enters into the UA level working mode and the whole machine enters into a very low Power consumption mode. when the line current is large, the fault indicator takes enough energy to maintain the normal working power consumption, and the fault indicator automatically switches to the normal working mode.


The below parameter can be adjusted :

1. Phase short circuit trip current: 50~700(A)

2. Phase short circuit response delay:20~500(ms)

3. Ground short-circuit increment current: 30~100(A)

4. Ground short circuit duration:10~50(S)

5. Voltage drop percentage:10%~100%

6. Reset time: 1~48(h)

 Tech Parameter :

Line voltage


Load current


Neutral grounding way



Environmental conditions

Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃

Working temperature: -40℃~70℃

Environment humidity: 5~95%

Wire diameter

8~35mm(Insulated wire, bare wire )




Power acquisition accuracy

Current :0~100A, ±3A;100~630A,±3%


Voltage:Linearity better than 90%

Protection degree


Static power

< 30uA

Withstand short circuit shock current capacity

short-circuit current

(Effective value) 16KA/2s


Indicator light flashing time

>2000h,Scintillation interval 5s

Electromagnetic compatibility

Radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation anti-interference experiment:: 80MHz 3 level, 800MHz~960MHz and 1.4GHz~2.0 GHz 4 level

transient interference test

4 level

Electrostatic discharge test

4 level

Working frequency magnetic field anti-lethality test

5 level

Attenuation oscillation magnetic field anti-interference test

4 level


8 years