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Assemble unit:

It is used to communicate with the remote server as an indicator of short circuit between the overhead line and the remote server.It will always be in working status as a communication bridge between the indicator and the remote server.While waiting for the fault indicator to upload data and keeping remote communication with the remote Real-time communication between servers to upload the latest changes in the fault indicator to the remote server. And temporarily saves the new parameter settings downloaded by the remote server in its own memory, and waits for the next fault indicator communication to be downloaded to the fault indicator.

The main function:

1. Accept the failure indicator ,upload data

2. Manage the operating parameters of the fault indicator and download it to the fault indicator when appropriate

3. Fault indicator upload data processing conversion, storage and management

4. Real-time communication with the remote server, uploading the latest dynamic data of the fault indicator to the server

5. Standard Transmission Protocol Set IEC60870-5-101

6. Support the handheld to set up one site , PC can set the parameter through 232.

 Tech Parameter :

Line voltage


Load current



Environmental conditions

Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃

Working temperature: -40℃~70℃

Environment humidity: 5~95%

Wire diameter

8~35mm(Insulated wire, bare wire )




< 30kg



Protection grade


Static power

< 30uA

Indicator light flashing time

>2000h,Scintillation interval 5s

The average work time without problems


Radiated electromagnetic interference test

3 level

transient interference test

4 level

Electrostatic discharge test

3 level

Working frequency magnetic field anti-lethality experiment

5 level

Attenuation oscillation magnetic field anti-interference experiment

4 level