· Product model: ZW32-12

· Application places:10KV distribution network,  Substations,  Industrial companies, Mining companies etc.

ZW32-12 is applied to three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage is 7.2 ~ 12kV of outdoor high voltage switch equipments.Circuit breaker in      accord with the national standard GB1984 "high voltage AC circuit breaker" and "professional standards JB3855 3.6 ~ 40.5kV outdoor AC high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker" and the related IEC standards. Pole Mounted Circuit Breaker is widely used in10KV distribution network(power plant and substation for electric equipment control and protection),substations,industrial companies,mining companies etc.A circuit breaker having repeatedly  interrupting and fast re-closing ability.


1) Its structure is 3 separate phase pillars, so that it will not cause short between phases if single phase is in fault

2) Vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber is in the isolated sleeves of each phase to avoid the short fault caused by dewing

3) The outside isolation material is imported outdoor epoxy resion or silicon rubber, which are with excellent hydrophobicity and anti-pollution, can be applied in the bad outside environment

4) It is with compact structure, small size, light weight and easy to be installed

5) No transformer oil or sulfur hexafluoride gas inside of the circuit breaker and can meet the requirements of non-oil upgrade and environment protection

Tech parameter: