1. Controller functions

◇Quick-break protection            ◇Over current protection     

◇Re-closing for 3 times              ◇256 pcs event records     

◇Surge protection                  ◇Three sectional current protection

◇Zero sequence protection          ◇Real time clock        

◇Accelerate trip off after re-closing failure

◇Inverse time protection           ◇With GPRS   

◇With RS232 interfaces

2. Controller features

Ø With 485/232 communication Interface, Remote control by fiber/wireless; Acceleration after re-closing: it will accelerate the tripping if the switch closed in permanent failure.

Ø    Accelerate tripping off after remote close and lock re-closers:If the user forgets to remove the grounding switch when the power transmission recover after the line was repaired, ,it should accelerate the tripping.

Ø      The delay time of three times reclosing can be adjusted.

Ø     The tripping and closing circuit adopts anti-misoperation designing and with anti-jump function.

Ø    Zero sequence current can be distinguished the failure inside/outside of section.

Ø    The remote control switch is designed to prevent misoperation.

Ø   Three-stage protection function can realize four groups of inverse time curve independently .

Ø  The three-stage acceleration function can be activated or deactivated independently.

3. Structure feature

Ø       The controller is a relay protection and monitoring micro-device;

Ø       Weather resistance ,dewing -proof;

Ø       Connect with the switch by aviation connectors;

Ø       High reliability and prevention class;

There are 6 input simulation channel in the controller,A-phase current, B-phase current, C-phase current, zero-sequence current, AC phase-to-phase voltage, and CB phase-to-phase voltage. The controller determines the line fault by real-time monitoring the value of the above simulation and compares it with the fixed value,then carries on the corresponding treatment.