◇can install 485/232 communication port,or remote control by fiber and wireless;accelerate trip after reclosing; if the switch is on when there is perminant failures, it will accelerate trip off

◇remote control/manually operation reclosing, accelerate trip, and reclosing block:If the user forgot to remove the ground switch after repairy, it should accelerate trip off after power on

◇The delayed time of reclosing 3 times can be adjusted;

◇Switch on/off circuit is designed by preventing software/hardware malfunction,and can prevent trip;

◇zero sequence curren can judge the failure in/out of the district;

◇Prevent malfunction design for remote control on switch on/off

◇Liquid crystal display in Chinese. It is easy to operate and very simple

Struture features

a) Controller is microdevice of relay protection and monitor,

b)Weather resistance, dewing proof; small size and light in weight 

c)Connect with switch by aviation connectors and multicore cables.

d)With good connect reliability and protection class

The channel of input analog quantity is 4, A phase current, C phase current, zero sequence current, the voltage between A&B phase. Controllor monitor the value of analog quantity and compare them with the fixed value to judge whether it’s network failure, then take responding treatment


◇Quick-trip protection  ◇over current protection   ◇Reclosing 3 times      ◇log-out       ◇anti-surge protection

◇zero sequence protection  ◇real time clock   ◇accelerate trip after reclosing   ◇real time status inquiry    ◇liquid crystal display

◇set the fixed value of local/remote control(GSM) ◇setting can be continunous   ◇report fault to center system