Name:CPT series reclosing controller-CPT-3 reclosing controller


The outline switch will trip off in the substation when the internal failure of 10kv overhead distribution happening, or if the failure happening in the inline section, or the prevention time of switch does not cooperate with the outline switch even if the failure happening in the inline section. If the failure is permanent, the reclosing of substation switch is not succussed, then the accident happened in the middle voltage users will cause power interruption of the whole distribution. It is very common in the distribution network and cause very bad influence in society.

Boundary load switch is ideal device to solve the affected accident listed above. It is installed on the responsibility dividing point of 10kv overhead distribution network, can isolate the single phase earthing failure or short circuit between phases automatically to ensure the power safety of users not in the failure area.

CPT-3 boundary load switch controller is the intelligent controller specially designed for boundary load switch. They can protect the line and communicate with center system. Controller and switch are connected by control cable and aviation connectors to protect the network and monitor it automatically. It is widely used in 10 kilovolt overhead distribution network in urban and rural areas.

2、Enviroment for Use

a)  Altitude:   ≤2000 Meters

b)  Environment temperature: outdoor -40℃ ~ +80℃ the maximum average yearly temperature is 20℃, the maximum average daily temperature is 30℃

c)Earthquake resistance capacity:when theacceleration of ground level is 0.3g, and the acceleration of vertical 0.15g, it can endure 3 continuous sine wave at the same time. The safety coefficient is 1.67

d) Maximum daily temperature difference:25℃

e) Intensity of sunshine:   0.1W/cm2( wind speed 0.5m/s)

f) Maximum wind speed:   ≤25m/s

g) Maximum thickness of ice coating:   10mm

h) Operating ambient:outdoor, where without inflammable substances,explosives, Rusty chemicals and strenuous variation

i) Neutral-point earthing: isolated neutral system, Neutral-point earthing by arc-suppressing coil, Neutral-point earthing by low resistance



3.1 Functions

◇quick-break protection        ◇over current protection       ◇reclosing for 3 times        ◇log-out      ◇surge protection       ◇zero sequence protection        ◇real time clock       ◇accelerate trip off after reclosing failure         ◇real time status inquiry          ◇GPRS/GSM/485/232 etc.(optional)

3.2 Features

◇  with 485/232(optional) port. Remote control by fiber/wireless; accelerate after reclosing: If the switch closed in permanent failure, it will accelerate trip off  

◇  remote control theclosing, accelarate the trip, and block the reclosing:If the user forget to remove the ground switch when restart the power transmission after the rep-airy, it shall accelerate the trip

◇    the delay time of 3 times reclosing can be adjusted separately

◇    the prevent malfunction design of tripping and closing circuit is used and it also has the function of prevent trip

◇ zero sequence current can distinguish the failure inside/outside of section;   Prevent faulty operation design for remote control on switch on/off

3.3Structure feature

◇  The controller is micro-device of relay protection and monitoring;

◇  Weather resistance, dewing-proof;

◇ Connect with the switch by aviation connectors

◇ High reliability and prevention class;

It has 6 input simulation channel1,A phase current、B phase current、C phase current、zero sequence current、phase voltage between B&C、phase voltage between A&C. The controller monitor those simulation data in real time manner, and compare withdefined valve to decide the line failures and take corresponding treatment