◇ With 485/232(optional) port. Remote control by fibre/wireless; accelerate after reclosing: If the switch closed in permenant failure, it will accelerate trip off  

◇ Remote control theclosing, accelarate the trip, and block the reclosing:If the user forget to remove the ground switch when restart the power transmission after the repairy, it shall accelerate the trip 

◇ The delay time of 3 times reclosing can be adjusted seperately

◇ The prevent malfunction design of tripping and closing circuit is used and it also has the function of prevent trip 

◇Zero sequence current can distinguish the failure inside/outside of section

◇ Prevent malfunction design for remote control on switch on/off; 

◇ 3 sections prevention, can choose one group inverse time curve among 4 to protect the line;

◇  The acceleration after 3 sections can be opened/closed individually

 Struture feature

◇  The controller is microdevice of relay protection and monitoring ;

◇  Weather resistance, dewing-proof;

◇ Connect with the switch by aviation connectors;  High reliability and prevention class;

It has 7 input simulation channel1,A phase current、B phase current、C phase current、zero sequence current、phase voltage between A&B、 phase voltage between B&C、phase voltage between A&C. The controller monitor those simulation data in real time manner, and compare with definid valve to decide the line failures and take corresponding treatment.


◇quick-break protection        ◇over current protection       ◇reclosing for 3 times        ◇up to 100 log-out      ◇surge protection       ◇three section current protection

◇zero sequence protection     ◇with GPRS        ◇accelerate trip off after reclosing failure         ◇inverse time protection